Ready Reserve explained

At Odesis, we prioritize the safety and profitability of our community members. As part of our comprehensive risk management strategy, we have implemented a special feature known as the "Ready Reserve." This reserve consists of 2% of the tax collected from transactions and is specifically designated to cover potential losses during sudden market movements.

The purpose of the Ready Reserve is to ensure that any unforeseen market volatility or adverse events do not have a significant impact on our daily trading activities. By having these funds readily available, we can efficiently manage and mitigate potential risks, swiftly covering any losses that may occur. This extra layer of risk management allows us to safeguard the profitability of our trading operations and protect the interests of our token holders.

Rest assured that the Ready Reserve is exclusively used by Odesis to minimize the consequences of sudden market movements. Our team of experienced traders and risk management experts diligently monitor market conditions and utilize the reserve funds only when necessary. This approach enables us to maintain stable and profitable trading operations, maximizing the returns we generate for our valued token holders.

With Odesis, you can have peace of mind knowing that our risk management protocols and the Ready Reserve are in place to provide an added layer of protection. We remain committed to delivering consistent profits and ensuring the long-term success of our community.